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Mindset Revolution

A six step process to uncover, unravel and retrain negative beliefs to free you from the negative habits that rule your life.

Imagine the feeling of ditching your self-destructive habits, of having the self-confidence to date without it feeling like a minefield, or even of what it's like purchase your own property. All this and more is possible for you when you revolutionise your mindset.

My new 1:1 coaching programme, Mindset Revolution, is designed to overthrow your limiting beliefs, stop sabotaging your progress, leaving self-doubt behind. You can reach your dreams and live an expansive life but each of us has to take the first step.

Make a change by implementing sustainable action. Whether you want to get sober, take that side hustle fulltime or improve your relationship, Mindset Revolution will give you all the tools and know how to stop blocking your own power. The revolution begins in your mind.

Mindset Revolution

Ella St John McGrand is a Mindset Coach and TV Producer on history documentaries. Bringing her expertise as a former French teacher, she coaches 30-something women, who want to change their limiting beliefs, so they can live an expansive life beyond their wildest dreams. Changing her mindset was instrumental in stopping binge drinking and living a happy sober life.

Ella has worked with Sober Girls Society, The Temper, Mindful Drinking Festival and Love Sober Co.

5 steps to sobriety

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